Summer 2018 Update from your Local Councillors in Weaver and Cuddington Ward

Cllrs Harry Tonge, Charles Fifield & Paul Williams

Thank you to all residents who responded to the recent Northwich Transport Strategy consultation; the Strategy was approved by CWaC Cabinet on 2 May.

The main item of issue for Weaverham residents is a potential “Wallerscote by-pass” from Wallerscote Road around the south of the village to join the A49.

In Cabinet Papers, 2 May Item 109, Recommendations Report, Package N, it is given a “Medium Term Priority” aiming for 2026-30.

Cllr Tonge attended the Weaverham Trust meeting on 3 May and we will continue to work with residents to ensure their views are heard by the Council.

Current consultations include: Weaver Square regeneration; Comment on Your Care, feedback on care you or a loved one are receiving from a care provider e.g. residential or nursing home, day centre or carers visiting you in your home. There is also a Consultation review of the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy e.g. alcohol sale and supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and late night refreshments.  Further details:

We encourage residents to continue reporting issues on council roads such as pot holes, street lighting, drains and grids use: Road Care

For issues such as graffiti, litter and fly tipping use: Street Care

We recommend residents use the website to report issues but the telephone numbers are

Highways: 0300 123 7 036 and Streetcare: 0300 123 7 026.

We are here to represent and serve the communities of Weaver and Cuddington Ward (Weaverham, Acton Bridge, Dutton, Cuddington & Sandiway). If you have any issues you would like to discuss with us or to enquire about a community grant on behalf of a group or organisation, please contact us via the this website or  01606 854294.

Recent community projects we have supported include the summer reading project for Weaverham and Sandiway libraries, community notice board for Dutton, outdoor learning project for Forest Primary School, proposed interactive speeding sign for Acton Bridge and access gates for Weaverham Trust. Fur further details go to our Community Grants page.

Cllr Charles Fifield, Harry Tonge & Paul Williams