Autumn Update from Charles & Paul

Cllrs Charles Fifield & Paul Williams

Cllrs Charles Fifield & Paul Williams are working together with our independent Cllr Gillian Edwards for the benefit of the ward as a whole.

Charles ensured a swift resolution to the traveller incursion at the Memorial Orchard on Northwich Road between Weaverham and Hartford, by contacting the Council to notify the landowners, whilst Paul has been busy dealing with local Planning Issues. We do our best to attend all the Parish Council meetings in the ward.

We were pleased that following a long campaign with residents that the proposed Nursing Home on Chester Road in Sandiway was refused planning in May. We were also delighted that after another long campaign, a weekly bus service (48A) is now connecting Delamere Park, Eden Grange and Cuddington station with Frodsham and Northwich.

In July, Charles took a Motion to Council to promote the greater use of pedestrian crossings, which was seconded by Gillian and gained the support of Council. We hope in due course this will make it more straight forward and less expensive to increase the number of pedestrian crossings. We are specifically pressing for the long awaited crossing for Norley Road playing fields to be provided.

Also in July, our Conservative colleague in Davenham, Cllr Helen Weltman took a motion to Council for the Council’s planning department to ask developers to include Hedgehog Highways in their applications, which gained unanimous support. A Hedgehog Highway it is a small 13cm gap in a solid boundary to allow hedgehogs to forage for nesting sites, food and water, as they often travel up to 2 miles a night between March and September. In 1950s Britain there where 30 million hedgehogs, now there are only approximately 1 million.

We are also working together to try to encourage the wider use of wildflower areas, which should help improve biodiversity, with another Motion passed at October Council, proposed by our Whitegate Conservative Colleague Mike Baynham and seconded by Gillian, with Paul and Charles’s support. Paul has also been busy dealing with local Planning Issues.

We do our best to attend all the Parish Council meetings in the ward. We are keen to work together to support community projects, so please do contact us if you have such a project which could benefit from our assistance and potentially some Member Budget community funding. Further information can be found for this and other potential sources of funding at: