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The 2019 local elections saw a change in the ward’s boundaries, due to a reduction in the total number of Borough Cllrs from 75 to 70 leading to changes in wards and boundaries across the Borough. Weaver & Cuddington remains a 3 member ward covering the existing Parishes of Acton Bridge, Cuddington & Sandiway and Weaverham, and Crowton and Norley became part of the ward. Dutton Parish (Dutton & Bartington) moved into Marbury ward.

Weaver and Cuddington Ward is represented by 2 Conservative Councillors Charles Fifield and Paul Williams, and 1 independent Councillor, who were elected in May 2019 to represent the ward on Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council, as Conservatives. The ward comprises the 5 Parishes of Acton Bridge, Crowton, Cuddington & Sandiway (includes Delamere Park) Norley (includes Hatchmere) and Weaverham.

Charles and Paul try to attend Parish Council meetings in the ward and are usually available before or after meetings. Any urgent matters can be raised directly by telephone or email (see Contact Us page).

Clls Charles Fifield and Paul Williams were re-elected in May 2019, our 3rd candidate Adam Wordsworth was unsuccessful but came a strong 4th.

Cllr Charles Fifield was first elected in May 2011, re-elected in May 2015 & 2019 and sits on the Community Governance Review Committee.  He is now Vice Chairman and previously Chairman of CWC’s Corporate Disability Action Forum and still serves on the Cheshire Brine Subsidence Compensation Board.  He also previously served as the Chairman of Places Scrutiny Committee 2016-17, Corporate Scrutiny 2014-15, Chairman of Appeals Committee 2012-13 and Chairman of the Town & City Centres Working Group 2013-14.  Full details of Cllr Fifield’s appointments, attendance, register of interest, declarations etc. can be found at: Cllr Charles Fifield 

Cllr Paul Williams was elected in May 2015 & re-elected in May 2015 and is the Chairman of the North Western Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority and also sits on Licensing Committee.  Full details of Cllr Williams’s appointments, attendance, register of interests, declarations etc. can be found at:  Cllr Paul Williams

From 2015-2019, the ward was represented by Cllrs Charles Fifield, Paul Williams and Harry Tonge (elected to represent his home ward of Tarvin & Kelsall in 2019).

From 2011 to 2015, the ward was represented by Cllrs Charles Fifield (re-elected in 2015), John Grimshaw (retired in 2015) and Alan McKie (elected to represent his home village of Helsby in 2015). In 2011, Cllr Fifield was new to CWC Council, whilst Cllr Grimshaw had previously served Cuddington, Delamere Park and Sandiway on both CWC and Vale Royal Councils, Cllr McKie had also served Weaverham, Acton Bridge and Dutton on CWC Council and also served on Vale Royal Council.

Harry Tonge, Paul Williams, Cllr Charles Fifield, Cllr John Grimshaw & Cllr Alan Mckie
Harry Tonge, Paul Williams, Charles Fifield, John Grimshaw & Alan Mckie

Your Local Conservatives:

If you would like to know more about your local Conservatives, if you would like to help us then contact charles@weavervaleconservatives.co.uk , you can  join the Party online or please contact either Weaver Vale Conservatives (Acton Bridge, Crowton, Hatchmere, Norley and Weaverham) or Eddisbury Conservatives (Cuddington, Delamere Park and Sandiway).